S2: E1 Educational Needs of Extra X&Y Kids

Updated: Aug 22

🟢 ‘I Wish the School Had a Better Understanding of the Diagnosis’: parent perspectives on educational needs of students with sex chromosome aneuploidies (XXY, XYY, XXX).

Listen to the first systematic research ever published on educational needs of students with an Extra 47th X or Y chromosome (up to 1 in 500):

- arming parents with authoritative guidelines to share with their children’s schools;

- arming teachers and special education professionals with important information to help their students succeed.

Authors: Thalia Thompson, Nicole Stinnett, Nicole Tartaglia, Shanklee Davis, Jennifer Janusz.

Publication: Journal of Research in Special Education Needs © 2022 NASEN. doi: 10.111/1417-3802.12558.

Keywords: #SexChromosomeAneuploidy, #SpecialEducation, #LearningDisabilities, #FamilySchoolPartnership, #QualitativeMethods

S2 Ep1 ParentPerspectivesEducationSCAs_2022
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