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John Hopkins Leader Adrian Sandra Dobs joins Chromodiversity Foundation Advisory Board

🏩 Adrian Sandra Dobs, MD, MHS is an internal medicine and endocrinology physician who is a Professor of Medicine and Oncology at Johns Hopkins University. She is the Director of the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network. 

Adrian’s clinical practice focuses on sex hormone differences in both men and women, and her research focuses on male gonadal function, particularly new forms of male hormone replacement therapy and aging. She is the Director of the Johns Hopkins Klinefelter’s Center and oversees a team of people dedicated to comprehensive care of men with differences in sex chromosome.  She has over 250 published works and has provided expert opinion on clinical research in the scientific literature.

Adrian received her M.D. from Albany Medical College in 1978, her residency at Montefiora Hospital in New York, and fellowship in Endorinology and Metabolism at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She was promoted to Professor at Johns Hopkins University in 2005 and served as Vice Chair of Medicine from 2005 to 2015. 

We are honored to announce Adrian’s joining of My XXY | Chromodiversity Foundation.

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