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10,000+ VIEWS, ONE LIFE*

🚀When we launched the term #Chromodiversity in January 2022, by analogy to #Neurodiversity, there was no word to talk about common genetic diversity in a positive, simple way. We were amazed to see how quickly it became a #LinkedIn hashtag thanks to a small, passionate circle of “early adopter” #Ambassadors. By the summer a few hundred people had heard about it. 🎙In July we launched the Chromodiversity™ #podcast, and by September, thanks to your sharing and word of month, a few thousand people had heard about it. 🥳 September 12 we launched #ChromodiversityCelebrationMonth. Within a month, thanks to our Amazing Ambassadors, the word had spread to well over 10,000. This matters, because many had never heard of common genetic diversity, and it can happen to anyone, individual or family. Well informed is well armed for future. It changes lives. But first, you have to have heard of it. It also matters because you've proven there is a wider community out there who cares. As one of our Ambassadors said after seeing the video “So this is my chromodiversity family?" Yes Ambassador, it is. Chromodiversity Month ends today October 13. This is only the beginning. We will continue to celebrate Chromodiversity, for the days, weeks, months and years to come - as we move forwards with our vision to build a platform where everyone can succeed, accessible to all, with the aim to support individuals and families with common #genetic variations around the world. Join us in helping to make a dent in the future. One life at a time.

* 💡 In loving memory of Michael Glissman, 1984 - 2022.

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