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"My Brain Nearly Fell Out Of My Head". Listen to remarkable #ADHD & #Autistic music educator for #neuroatypicalchildren 🎼Kate O'Brien, M.M.Ed.share her 20+ year diagnostic odyssey with #EhlersDanlosSyndrome (EDS) - a somewhat common yet often ignored set of genetic variations with potentially wide ranging implications.

In this exclusive episode she explains what it was like growing up with #EDS, how it can be detected with a simple 20 to 30 second test, and why better awareness changes & saves lives.

🙏 … we have a small favor to ask. Since our charity My XXY | Chromodiversity™ Foundation started the Chromodiversity™ Podcast in July 2022, over 1500 people in 30+ countries have learned more about little known yet common genetic variations in children & adults by listening to our readouts of original research and our lived experience interviews - the result of countless hours of hard work to help raise awareness of health care providers, educators & families and change lives.

An initial endowment made by a Memorial Fund in memory of Elsje Werner-Polak, gassed by the Nazis in 1943 at age 5, combined with contributions from a circle of early adopters in a handful of countries keeps us open to all and independent of any commercial interests. However these funds are limited and we need your help in order to continue our mission.

Unlike many others, our charity has no pharmaceutical industry or other for profit backers. Just the determination and passion to deliver clear, evidence-based information that is always free from commercial influence. Information like this is vital to change lives - and for demanding better for families, children and adults living with chromosomal differences at a time of exploding diagnoses.

We know not everyone is in a position to pay for podcasts. But as a listener funded podcast, we rely on the backing of those who can. When you donate, you’re supporting our mission to change the way the world considers and supports common genetic diversity. Millions more can benefit from quality information about how to prevent adverse outcomes and live better lives.

Show your support by donating to our podcast today. With your help, we will ensure an easy listening experience so you can access engaging and authoritative information, notified to you weekly in your inbox. Thank you.

Support Chromodiversity™️*

*Monthly subscriber donation $4.99 in the currency of your choice.

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