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🟢 "A premature death that could've been avoided in so many ways." Gary Glissman, ex-Chairperson of AXYS, tells the heartbreaking story of his son Michael, diagnosed with an Extra X at the age of 24 and found dead earlier this year at the age of 37.

In this first of two episodes, you'll hear what Michael was like growing up, the challenges he faced as an adult and the circumstances of his death.

You'll also hear how what might seem to be initially minor challenges in children can result in compounding health, social and professional issues... with irreversible - sometimes fatal - consequences.

Gary has agreed to speak out is to convey a simple, urgent message: that the absence of systematic early screening, intervention and support of common genetic differences comes at unacceptably high cost.

Warning: this episode may contain triggering content for some.

Gary Glissman is senior healthcare executive who started his career as a registered nurse. From 2017 to 21 he was the the Chairman of AXYS, a leading parent advocacy association for X&Y chromosome variations based in the USA. Few people have made a bigger difference for thousands of families and individuals with chromodiversity.

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