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🟢 "He struggled with addiction all his life but was currently on a much better path." In our last episode, Gary Glissman told the story of his son Michael, diagnosed with an Extra X at the age of 24, found dead earlier this year at 37.

In this 2nd episode of two, Gary calls for parents to be assertive advocates for the needs of their children, and for policy makers to invest in systematic early detection, information and intervention.

You’ll hear how in the future, most issues associated to X&Y chromosomes could be prevented or limited, allowing the vast majority of people with such differences to go on to live long, happy, productive lives.

The episode concludes with short eulogy to Michael found in his truck after his death, as written by Michael himself.

Warning: this episode may contain triggering content.

Gary Glissman is a senior healthcare executive who started his career as a registered nurse. From 2017 to 21 he was the the Chairman of AXYS, the leading parent advocacy Association for X&Y chromosome variations based in the USA. Few people have made a bigger difference for thousands of families and individuals with chromodiversity around the world. Gary is a member of the global Chromodiversity™ Foundation Advisory Board.

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