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GROWING UP WITH PETER (2/2): '47 Reasons, 63 Excuses, 1 Extra X'

In our previous episode “47,XXY: a 63 Year Diagnostic Odyssey”, Peter Street from Australia compares his seemingly endless diagnostic odyssey to getting a boxing ring with as your opponent the invisible man - not knowing where the next punch will come from.

In this second of two episodes, he shares key takeaways from years of hard earned experience such as:

  • For people with chromodiversity: it's ok to feel different, important not to compare yourself to others, and essential to find the right support networks.

  • For parents: let your children make mistakes, get them the best education you can, encourage their independence, and be wary of endless negative information on the Internet.

  • For doctors: listen, listen and listen again. Family practitioners need better training about genetic differences, as do teachers. The earlier the diagnosis, the better, provided there is easy access to up to date information & help.

  • For researchers: interview more parents and take the unique insights of lived experience into account.

This episode concludes Season 2 about “Growing Up With Chromodiversity™” featuring a mix of groundbreaking early age research and lived experience. At a time of remarkable advances in genetics and digital healthcare, tune in next week for Season 3 on the topic of "New Science and New Support."

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