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🟢 "We're not a disorder. We're not a syndrome. We're people." [Warning: this episode contains explicit language]. Toby Whittington is a successful social entrepreneur from Australia who found out he has an Extra X chromosome at the age of 32 - a discovery that changed almost everything in his life.

In this second of two episodes, he explains why he believes it is important not to become the victim of diagnosis, rejects considering Klinefelter’s as a "syndrome", and identifies as a part of the wider Intersex community - on the premise that diversity in humans is the norm not the exception.

This straight talking conversation covers a wide variety of topics including

  • the rise of the Intersex movement

  • what it's like to live with synaesthesia that turns touch into 3-D images

  • how he believes it in our power to turn our lives into "heaven" or "hell".

Click here to listen:

🎁 Your weekly podcast Chromodiversity™ will be back Tuesday January 3 2023 with fresh content featuring world leading researchers, authors and advocates. Thank you for your interest and support in 2022 and Happy Holidays to all!

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