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S2: E2 How & When to Tell Your Child

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Listen to this short guide for suggestions on how and when to tell your child about a common genetic variation like an extra 47th X chromosome. Excellent example of the kind of practical, easy to understand information that is urgently needed as prenatal and neonatal detection of common genetic variations quickly rise.

Sources: Tartaglia, N., Cordeiro, L., Howell, S., Janusz, J. (The spectrum of behavioral phenotype in boys and adolescents 47,XXY. Pediatric Endocrine Rev. 2010); Tartaglia, N., Howell, S., Bornstein, A. (How to talk to your child about his or her diagnosis, presentation at KS&A Families Conference 2008); ACT Government Parentlink. Donor Conception (Telling your child,

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S2 Ep2 Talking about XXY to a child
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Kate O'Brien
Kate O'Brien
Aug 16, 2022

This episode has been so helpful to me as a brass & woodwind music educator who specializes in chromodiverse students; you have greatly broadened my base of knowledge about how best to meet the needs of my Extra X&Y kiddos. Thank you so much for this valuable information! ~Kate O’Brien, M.M.Ed.

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