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🚀 Leading Geneticist Dr. Cristina Skrypnyk Joins Chromodiversity as Bahrain Brand Ambassador

💡 “Early diagnosis results in better futures!... With an estimated 15 million people in the Arab world with issues linked to DNA, not only is it urgent to shift from ‘one size fits all’ to ‘one size fits only one’ healthcare, with earlier, faster, more efficient treatments. We also need to take into account human complexity, including lifestyle, nutrition, work, environment and access to resources.”

🏩 Dr. Cristina Skrypnyk is a Consultant Medical Geneticist at the Princess Al Jawhara Al Ibrahim Centre of Molecular Medicine, Genetics and Inherited Disorders (ACMID) in the Kingdom of Bahrain and offers genetic consultation at University Medical Center, King Abdulaziz Medical City (Bahrain). Dr. Skrypnyk is also Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) College of Medicine and Medical Sciences (Bahrain) and the director of the Personalized Medicine Master program.


🇧🇭 She is the initiator and leader of the National Rare Diseases Campaign in Bahrain and the chair for CareForRare Support group aimed to increase awareness for rare disorders and promote acceptance, tolerance and community inclusion. She focuses on building bridges between academic sectors, health sectors and society, and is a regular speaker at professional events.


🇷🇴 Of Romanian origin, she holds a Ph.D. in Medical Genetics, is certified by the European Board of Medical Genetic and Genomics, and has extensive postgraduate international training in cytogenetics, molecular genetics, genetic and genomic counseling.


We are honored to welcome Cristina as #Bahrain Ambassador of My XXY | Chromodiversity Foundation!

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