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In this podcast you’ll hear two back-to-back episodes with Gary Glissman, recorded October 2022 and re-edited into a single full 45 minute version.

It is possibly the most important Chromodiversity podcast to date: Gary discusses with brutal honesty the life and death of his son Michael, and highlights the urgency of changing the way common genetic difference is considered and supported around the world.

Few people made a bigger difference in the lives of many thousands of families and individuals living with #chromodiversity than Gary.

A powerful advocate for awareness, #education, #research and effective #medical care, Gary became involved with #neurodiversity and #Klinefelter syndrome (KS) after his son Michael was diagnosed with an Extra 47th X chromosome in 2008 at the age of 24.

Gary was a Senior Health Care Executive his entire life. He was involved clinical operations for major organizations such as Walgreens, CHD Meridian Healthcare, Interim HealthCare Inc. and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Gary served on the Board of Directors of AXYS (Association for X and Y chromosome Variations) and was named Board Chair in 2017. He retired from that position in 2021 and joined the Chromodiversity Foundation Advisory Board in 2022.

Gary was instrumental in the coming of age of the Chromodiversity movement launched January 2022, and the setting of our vision for a new approach to global healthcare for people with common genetic differences.

Born in Omaha Nebraska September 21, 1950, Gary Glissman is survived by his loving wife of 42 years, Paula Glissman. He is preceded in death by his son Michael Glissman, June 23, 2022 at the age of 37.

💜 Gary and Michael, you meant so much to so many. Your inspiration will remain forever.

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