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🚀 Radio Broadcaster & XXY/Intersex Advocate Paul Byrne-Moroney Joins Chromodiversity as Victoria, Australia Brand Ambassador

ᯤ Co-hosted by Paul Byrne-Moroney and Jason Turner, 'The I in US' is the first ever Australian live to air program dedicated to the intersex community, and one of only a few in the world

Intersex* is natural biological diversity, not choice - Paul Byrne-Moroney

💫 Diagnosed with an extra X chromosome at the age of 28, Paul Byrne-Moroney is a Radio Broadcaster, creator and co-host of “The I in US” - a show about the intersex community, by the intersex community (JOY94.9 /

Paul co-founded of the Klinefelter Syndrome Support Group of Victoria, is a member of the Victorian Government Intersex Expert Advisory Group, and a State Representative of Intersex Peer Support Australia (IPSA).

A Bachelor of Health Science / Public Health (Hons) graduate, Paul is a frequent speaker on the topic of chromodiversity, sex chromosome variations and intersex, presenting

  • to government, corporate and health organizations

  • at International Intersex Awareness Day events

  • at conferences including Australia's National LGBTIQA+ Conference, “Better Together”.

We are honored to welcome Paul as #Victoria #Australia Brand Ambassador of My XXY | Chromodiversity Foundation.

Listen to Paul’s introducing of "The I in US" and debunking of common myths about intersex (10 minutes):

🎬 Live every Wednesday evening on:

  • JOY94.9, Melbourne 7 p.m.

  • iHeart Radio, Australia

  • UK (GMT) 8 a.m., Europe (CET) 9 a.m., Hawaii 10 p.m. (HST), West Coast USA midnight (PST), East Coast USA 3 a.m. (EST).

🌎 Available on your usual podcast channel: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | Android | iHeartRadio | Stitcher | Blubrry | TuneIn | Deezer | RSS

Created by Morgan Carpenter of Intersex Human Rights Australia in 2013, the intersex flag is a purple circle on a yellow background. New Zealand is the first country where the intersex flag was raised outside the national parliament in 2017.

*🇺🇳Intersex people are individuals born with any of several sex characteristics including chromosome patterns, gonads, or genitals that, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, "do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies”. It has been estimated 1 to 2% of the population may be intersex (Fauso-Sterling, 2000). Increasingly referred to as “Differences of Sex Development”, intersex traits are traditionally classified as “Disorders of Sex Development” (DSD) in medical literature. Intersex infants and children, such as those with ambiguous outer genitalia, may be surgically and/or hormonally altered and sometimes sterilized. The World Health Organization, the Australian Parliament and German and Swiss ethics institutes have recognized these practices as human rights abuses. The Council of Europe recognized the right for intersex persons not to undergo sex assignment treatment in 2015. Few countries protect intersex people from discrimination.

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