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X&Y Variations Authority Dr Claus H. Gravholt Joins Chromodiversity™ Foundation

🏩 Dr Claus H. Gravholt is a world leading authority on X&Y #Chromosome Variations, also called "Sex Chromosome Aneuploidies" (SCAs), thought to affect about 1 in 400 people.

A Consultant and Professor at Aarhus University Hospital, #Denmark, Department of #Endocrinology and Internal Medicine, and the Department of #Molecular #Medicine, Claus has worked clinically and scientifically with SCAs for over 30 years, performed #clinical, #genetic, #epidemiological and experimental studies and published more than 280 original #research papers & reviews cited over 12,000 times.

He is an active participant in the international #Turner and #Klinefelter syndrome research community, as well as national and international research societies. Claus headed the recent development of new international guidelines on Turner syndrome and is currently aiming to do the same for Klinefelter’s with the next couple of years.

We are honored to welcome Dr Claus H. Gravholt to the My XXY | #Chromodiversity Foundation Advisory Board (

Listen to groundbreaking research by Gravholt et. al here:

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