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🟢 “I wish genetic testing at birth was compulsory. Early diagnosis is early intervention. It makes things so much easier.” Stephen Malherbe was 17 when he diagnosed with an extra 47th X chromosome and is the author of ’Living with My X’, an astonishingly frank and deeply personal account of a man growing up with a common genetic variation. In the second of two episodes, Stephen talks about how he became a leading advocates for Klinefelter’s in South Africa, and shares key takeaways for individuals and parents living with chromodiversity. The episode ends with a special treat as Stephen answers a surprise, unexpectedly revealing quiz. Click here to listen

➡️ Chromodiversity™️ Is the only podcast dedicated to world leading research & lived experience related to common genetic diversity in children & adults. Downloaded over 1000 times in 30+ countries since July 2022 launch.

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